“The jungles of Borneo, Mt Kilimanjaro in Africa, a  Thai boxing camp in Thailand… this guy manages to keep kosher and observe Shabbat.”

I have been traveling since 1997 and never really stopped. My house is my backpack where I have everything I need; clothing, a tooth brush, juggling balls, and a pair of small Tefillin.

People would joke and say, “Ben you will see the whole world before you turn 25 years old, then where will you travel with your wife?” My response was, “I am leaving the exciting places like Iraq, Afghanistan, and Yemen for my honeymoon.”

From 1997 -2006 I traveled part time looking for adventures around the world. From 2006 – 2012 I traveled full time living out of a backpack. I have visited over 75 countries, slept in over 1000 locations, and had some very interesting  experiences.

One of my highlights of traveling is having the opportunity to be chazan/cantor for the many communities I pass through. I have been a chazzan since my Bar Mitzvah and I thank G-d for giving me the gift of leading people in prayer. I have had older people come over to me after service with tears in their eyes, saying, “I have not heard a davening like yours since before I fled Europe.”

When the situation permits, I look for opportunities to speak to fellow Jews about Torah and the divine, and with non-Jews about the seven Noahide Laws and what really goes on in Israel. I often call myself the ‘Undercover Rabbi.’

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I get many questions about keeping Shabbat and Kosher while traveling, which was the initial inspiration for this website. I would have preferred to remain the ‘Undercover Rabbi,’ but in order to share from what I have experienced I will need to be for now ‘The Traveling Rabbi.”

Need help planing your next trip? An hour talking with Ben could save you a lot of money and headaches.

Want to formulate your business strategy for a global or country specific market? Ben has done business in many countries around the world and can provide you with quality business coaching and consulting.

Ben is available to work with you one on one via skyp. email rabbiben@travelingrabbi.com

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