Costa Rica Beutiful Beaches

Costa Rica received her first Jewish settlers in the nineteenth century from Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. They were followed in the 1920s by Jews from Eastern Europe who were the last group to arrive. Costa Rica was not friendly to alien merchants and land owners and passed laws against them, locking out any more potential Jewish settlers. Those who were already there set up an organization in 1930, which still circulates a monthly newsletter.

San Jose has an orthodox synagogue and the Haim Weizmann School caters to primary and secondary school-going Jewish children.

Most of the embassies in Israel are located in Tel Aviv while Costa Rica’s embassy is in Jerusalem; an interesting point to note.

Eco-tourism is a big thing in Costa Rica and it’s easy to see why. As you drive through the country you will notice the lush green forest canopy everywhere.

I spent a few weeks there on my first trip. The Jewish community in San Jose was warm and welcoming. I enjoyed having the opportunity to be Chazzan. When I was there my friend was operating a kosher food catering service. He would deliver ready-made kosher meals to just about anywhere in the country. He also provided a Shabbat Service, where you could get a box of food along with kiddush wine, challah, candle for havdallah, etc. He’s no longer running it but someone else may be now. If you seriously want to know, just send me an email via the contact page and I’ll try to find out for you.

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A Beach in Costa Rica Central AmericaCentro Crocodiles in Costa Rica Central America

Telephone: 289 7000 , Fax: 231 5834

separate kosher kitchen,

Melia Confort Corobici

PO Box 2443-1000

Telephone: 232 8122, Fax: 231 5834

No separate kosher kitchen, –  close walking to the  synagogue. The hotel has some separate storage  for kosher cooking utensils.

Israelia Sionista de Costa Rica PO Box 1473-1000Telephone: 233 9222, Fax: 233 9321Website:


Embassy of IsraelEdificio Centro COlon, Piso 11, PO Box 5147-1000 Telephone: 221 6011; 221 6444 , Fax: 2570867


Little Israel Pita Rica Pavas Rd. 1055-1200 Telephone: 2902083, Fax: 262 5425



Barcelo San Jose Palacio Apdo 458-1150Telephone: 2202034; 220 2035, Fax: 220 2036

Hotel is 30min walk to Synagogue. They have a separate kosher kitchen. The key to the kitchen is kept with the Rabbi of the local Synagogue

Camino RealProspero Ferandezy, Camino Real Boulevard



Delight-Sabor Mediterraneo

Costado Sur de Perifericos, San Rafael de Escazu,
San Jose

Telephone: 288 2707
Cuisine: Israeli – Meat


B’nai Israel Synagogue

600 meters West of Pops in the Sabana,

on the old road to Escazu.
Telephone: 231 5243, Fax: 2315787


Cogregacin B’ni Israel-Judaismo Reformista
en Costa Rica

Old Road to Escazu.
Telephone: 231 5243, Fax: 231 5787


Liberal Synagogue


Shaarei Zion

De la Torre Medica en Paseo Colon


Costa Rica Landscape


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