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The sixteenth century Conversos in Uruguay where the last of any Jewish community until later in the nineteenth century when Jews on their way to Argentina used Uruguay as a stop-over on their journey. Emigrants from Eastern Europe and the Middle East aided the twentieth century rise in Jewish population leading to the opening of a synagogue in 1917.  The country had tight immigration laws aimed at resisting the entry of European Jews escaping Nazism, but between 1939 and 1940, Jews numbering 2,500 slipped in. After the war, still more Jews entered the country from Hungary and the Middle East.

Uruguay is home to numerous Jewish organizations such as Zionist and women’s groups, synagogues as well as Jewish institutions that host kosher restaurants.

I was offered a job in Uruguay to help build Jewish Scouting. I did not end up taking it for a number of reasons, though I liked the community in Montevideo very much. There is a Chabad house as well as a modern Orthodox Dati Leumi community.

I spent part of Pesach there one year and got to meet many of the community. Uruguay int itself I don’t think is so interesting to visit, though it is worth saying ‘hi’ to the Jewish community there.


There are approximately 10,000 Jewish families in Montevideo which is the capital city of Uruguay. This is almost the entire Uruguay Jewish population. There is a strong Modern Orthodox Jewish family as well as a Chabbad house. A kosher bakery and some Jewish sites.


Beit Chabbad

Avenida Brasil 2704, CP 111300
Telephone: (2) 709 3444; 708 5169
Fax: (2) 711 3696

Email: rabino.shemtov@jabad.org.uy
Website: www.jabad.org.uy

Comite Central Israel ita Del Uruguay
Rio Negro 1308, P.5 11100

Telephone: (2) 901 6057; 902 9195

Website: www.cciu.org.uy


Comunidad Israelita Hungara
Durazno 972

Telephone: (2) 900 8456

Sociallsralite Adat Yeshurun
Alarcon 1396


Comunidad Israel ita de Uruguay
Canelones 1084, Piso 1

Telephone: (2) 902 5750

Fax: (2) 902 5740


Nueva Congregation Israelita
Wilson Ferreira Aldunate 1168
Telephone: (2) 902 6620

Fax: (2) 902 0589


Vaad Ha’ir

Canelones 828

Telephone: (2) 900 6106

Mobile Phone: marebisSephardi
Comunidad Israelita Sefardi

Buenos Aires 234, 21 de Setiembre 3111
Telephone: (2) 710 179

Templo Sefardi

de Pocitos L. Franzini 888


Mercadito Casher – Meat, Dairy, Vegetarian,

Ellauri 696

Telephone: (2) 707 5360
Supervision: Local Rabbinate

I had some great pastries here the day after Pesach. they have Glatt/non Glatt and  CholovYisael. Check for current opening hours.


Kosher, Restaurant

Best Western Armon Suites
2885 21 st September Road 11300
Telephone: (2) 712 4120

Fax: (2)712 4117

Website: www.armonsuites.com.uy


Beit Jabad

Auda, Brasil 2704
Telephone: (2) 709 3444
Email: jabad@chasque.net
Website: www.jabad.org.uy


Centro Recordatorio del Holocausto
Canelones 1084, PJ 11100

Telephone: (2) 622 7223

Fax: (2) 622 7223

Camacua 623
Telephone: (2) 915 0128

Fax: (2) 208 1536

Supervision: Chief Rabbi Yosef Bitton (may have changed)


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