Half Moon Caye in Belize, a stunning place

There is a Jewish cemetery located to the south of Belize City. It has a few tombstones of some Spanish-Portuguese Jews who originated from Germany. Otherwise there is little known about the Jews of Belize.

There are perhaps up to 100 Jews scattered around the country.  I met one Jewish person in Belize but he was not from Belize, he was a refugee from El Salvador.

Belize City is a freaky place in my opinion because of the many drug addicts roaming the streets. However the diving off the coast is superb, some of the best I’ve ever experienced. The countryside is pleasant and the locals are welcoming.

There are no kosher facilities in Belize.  There is plenty of fresh fish available on the coast of Belize. Buy some, double wrap it in foil and have any sea-side BBQ place cook it for you.  There is also plenty of fresh fruit.

There is no established Jewish community in Belize, so please contact the Jewish community of Guatemala for any support you may need.


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