Jews have been in New Zealand for as long as there has been a European presence in the country. The first Jewish settlement was founded in 1829. Throughout the nineteenth century Jews played a prominent role in leading the country to its development. Jews were especially helpful in maintaining trade with Australia and Britain. The Jewish community of Auckland was founded in 1841, then was followed by a Jewish community in 1843 in Wellington. Sir Julius Vogel was a Prime Minister, in the nineteenth century, who also happened to be Jewish. Some British Jews came to New Zealand in the twentieth century, but the New Zealand government restricted most immigration from Nazi Europe.

New Zealand now has six synagogues. There are four on the North Island and two on the South Island, or perhaps now with Chabad in Christchurch there are three on the South Island.  There are Jewish day schools in Auckland and Wellington, and the ‘Kosher Kiwi Guide,’ published in Auckland, is a good source of Kosher product information. Over the last decade there has been Jewish immigration from South Africa.

I love New Zealand and it is one of my favorite places to visit. I have been there half a dozen times traveling extensively around the country. I’ve been there for street performing festivals, Kashrut Dairy supervision, and to paraglide. It seems like I’ve always got a reason to go for a visit.

Christchurch was always my favorite place. It has a small Jewish community with a little Synagogue. Chabad recently opened up shop. Now with the big earthquakes in Christchurch it’s best to check what the Jewish situation is before visiting.

I also really like the community in Wellington. I found them warm and welcoming and it’s worth spending a Shabbat there.

Israelis are everywhere and you’re sure to hear Hebrew. Israelis will typically buy a car and spend a few months driving around the country. There is an organization know as H.I.T., which stands for Hosting Israeli Travelers. This organization is run by the Baptist church that tries to convert Israelis. They have over 300 families across the country who offer free hospitality to Israelis. On my first trip to New Zealand I joined the program to see what it was all about. It’s a long story that I’ll need to write up separately.

Lots of Kosher products from around the world and Australia are available in New Zealand. A friend of mine was opening a kosher restaurant in Christchurch but because of the earthquake this won’t be happening anytime soon.

Anyway, I’ll please G-d keep visiting New Zealand as it is one of my favorite places to hike and paraglide.

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Auckland Jewish Council

80 Webb Street Wellington
Telephone: (9) 384 4229

Has a small shop selling kosher food.



Auckland Hebrew Congregation

108 Greys Avenue
Telephone: (9) 373 2908
Fax: (9) 303 2147

New Zealand’s largest selection of kosher goods. Open Tuesday to Friday 8.30am to 3.30pm. Sundays 9am to 11 am. Mailing address: PO Box 68224 Newton Auckland.

Kosher info:

Shop info:

Kosher licensing:


Beth Shalom Progressive Synagogue

180 Manukau Road, Epsom 1023
PO Box 26052-1344
Telephone: (9) 5244139
Fax: (9) 524 7075


Check situation before going

Also check if Chabad is operating


Christchurch Jewish Council

Telephone: (3) 358 8769


Wellington Jewish Community Centre
80 Webb Street
Telephone: (4) 384 5081

There are no kosher restaurants in Wellington. Visitors who want kosher meals & kosher food should contact the office of the Community Centre or the Kosher Co-Op.

Wellington Regional Jewish Council

54 Central Terrace, Kelburn 6012
Telephone: (4) 4757622

Central organisation: New Zealand Jewish Council, Auckland


Dixon Street Delicatessen
Telephone: (4) 384 2436

This place is not totally kosher but may provide kosher challahs and sometimes various American & Israeli foods. Call for the current situation.


Kosher Deli

80 Webb Street
Telephone: (4) 3843136
Fax: (4) 384 5081


They have some strange operating hours which are subject to change. Check the current situation.



New Zealand Jewish Chronicle

PO Box 27 1566011
Telephone: (4) 934 6077
Fax: (4) 934 6079

Monthly newspaper of local, Israeli and Jewish News


Wellington Jewish Community Centre

80 Webb Street
Telephone: (4) 384 5081



Beth El Synagogue

80 Webb Street
Telephone: (4) 384 5081
Fax: (4) 384 5081


Website: www.beth-eIWWW.BETH-ElProgressive

Temple Sinai, The Wellington Progressive Jewish Congregation

147 Ghuznee Street 6011
Telephone: (4) 385 0720
Fax: (4) 385 0971



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