Ayutaya Thailand

It is said that there were Jews in Thailand in 1890, but the community really began in the 1920s and 1930s after the emigration of Jews from Russia and Eastern Europe, with the majority arriving after 1945.  Present day Jews in Thailand arrived in the country from Syria, Lebanon, Europe, and America in the 1950s and 1960s after the war.  A number of Israelis ventured into the country drawn by the jewelry, whose trade is popular in Israel. 1979 saw the arrival of another fairly big number of Jews from Iran at the end of the Shah’s reign.

There are three synagogues in Bangkok: the Sephardi, the Ashkenaz (which holds the community centre), and the Lubavitch, which organizes community events with big turnouts, such as seders at Passover.

Thailand is one of my favorite places, particularly Chiang Mai. I have been there many times. I may be a Rabbi but I also like studying martial arts – one of them being Thai boxing. I have been going to Thailand to train for many years.

I have seen Chabad grown there over the last decade, to where there are now over five Chabad houses along with kosher restraints. They service the more than 100,000 Israeli travelers who show up annually.

Friday night at a Chabad house in Thailand easily sees in the hundreds of travelers. I’ve made many good friends and business associates while just hanging out at a Chabad house, praying, studying, and eating.

When I’m in Thailand I’ll easily eat at a Chabad house at least one meal daily. I’ve studied Thai for a few months at school and it helps that I can tell the cooks how to make me some real Thai food.



Kosher meal at Chabad Bangkok

Jewish Association of Thailand

Beth Elisheva Building, 121 Soi Sai Nam Thip 2,
Sukhumvit Soi 22

Telephone: (2) 663 0244

Email: rabbi@jewishthailand.com
Website: www.jewishthailand.com


Ohr Menachem-Chabad House

96 Ram Buttri Rd., Kaosarn Road, Banglampoo
Telephone: (2) 282 6388

Fax: (2) 629 1153

Supervision: Rabbi Y. Kantor

they can make meals to go and deliver anywhere to your hotel by taxi. very good food. I’ve eaten there to many times to remember.

there is usually a minyan  three times a day in the Chabad house with the restaurant.



Beth Elisheva

121 Soi Sai, Nam Thip 2, Sukhumvit Soi 22

Rabbi Ben and monks in chiang mai Thailand

Telephone: (2) 663 0244

Fax: (2) 663 0245

Mobile Phone: 6681 8377618
Email: rabbi@jewishthailand.com

They have a Friday night Service and meal

Even Chen

Chao Phya Office Tower, 4th floor, Soi
Charoenkrung,42/1 New Road (Silom Road area)
Fax: (2) 663 0245

Mobile Phone: 6681 8377618
Email: rabbi@jewishthailand.com

Ohr Menchachem -Chabad House

96 Ram Buttri Rd., Kaosarn Road, Banglampoo

Telephone: (2) 629 2770
Fax: (2) 629 1153

Elepahnts in Thailand

Email: bkk@chabadthailand.com
Website: www.chabadthailand.com


Chiang Mai Bet Chabad
189/15 Chang Clan Road 50000
Telephone: (53) 279 015

Website: wW.chabadthailand.co.iI
Awesome Restaurant. Spent a few monthsin Chiang Mai twice and ate at the Chababd house every day.

Check for current location. They’ve moved a few times over the years.


Koh Samui Bet Chabad

39/7 Chawang Beach, Moo 3 Bophut
Telephone: (077) 414 180

There are a few more chabad houses around Thailand, like in Phuket… Check Chabad.org for current information


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