Travel stories with a Jewish twist. Most of these events taught me some profound lesson. I hope you enjoy and get something out of them. I’ll please G-d be posting more stories over the next few weeks.

1. About Jewish Scouting and my Eagle Court of Honour:   of-honor/

2. I won a raffle for $1,200 worth of Tefillin. Got the smallest Tefillin made. How I lost them in Guatemala and how they miraculously reappeared. Read the full story: for piranhas in the Amazon Rainforest2007/12/20/lost-tefillin-in-guatemala/

3. Rebbetzin Rachel went to the Amazon Rainforest in Ecuador where there are no Jews. She spent a week there and kept kosher the entire time. Learn how you can travel kosher, too:

4. A prayer for Israeli soldiers.

5. A Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur Experience in New Caledonia

Sunset through storm clouds in Pokhara, Nepal6. Rebbetzin Rachel tells about spending Shabbat in Nepal and explains how you can keep Shabbat, too, while you travel: 


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