kosher Penguins Antarctica

There are no Jewish communities in Antarctica.

During the Summer months, you could probably find a few American Jews staying on McMurdo Station when its population peaks at over 1000. There are other stations scattered around Antarctica, manned by various countries, however it would be a hit-or-miss to find a Jew in one of them.

Antarctica tourism has been steadily growing. Today it is possibly reaching around 50,000 per year. My guess is: there are some, American, European, and Israeli Jews visiting, but I would not rely on finding them for a minyan.1545759_10206100441135513_1234828664303226749_n

I had the fortune to go to Antarctica with the Unstoppables from Australia. We were a group of over 100 entrepreneurial minded people coming together to create global change. I have never been in one place with so many creative, intelligent and interesting people. Many companies were formed on the boat, and we collaborated on projects.

Keeping Shabbat and Kosher for the most part wasn’t to hard. See: Shabbat in Antarctica & Kosher in Antarctica

Please G-d I am looking at organizing a Kosher Antarctica trip for 2016. Please contact for more info



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