The first Jews to come to Colombia were those fleeing the Spanish Inquisition.  They were known as conversos, or Jews who had converted but still clung to their beliefs and traditions.  Unfortunately, the Spanish Inquisition soon followed them to Colombia and this community was wiped out.  No more Jews existed in Colombia until the late 1800s and early 1900s, when large amounts of Jews came from Europe and the MIddle East.  After 1939, the Colombia government barred Jews from entering, preventing Nazi victims from fleeing to Colombia, but in 1950 this ban was lifted.

Today, the Jewish community in Colombia is thriving.  There are both Ashkenazi and Sephardi communities, which each have synagogues and communal organizations.  Other Jewish organizations include youth organizations, a Zionist movement, a newspaper, radio programs, and schools.

My favourite thing to do in Colombia is paragliding. I’ve caught thermals way up into the clouds. The weather conditions are very stable which make Colombia one of the places where paragliding almost every day is possible.


Fruit Fruit Fruit in Colombia

Centro Israelita Filantropico

Carrera 43, 85-95, Apartado Aereo 2537

Telephone: (53) 342 310; 351197



Union Rabinica Colombiana

Tranversal29, No 126-31
Telephone: (1) 625 4377

Fax: (1) 274 9069


Congregacion Adath Israel
Carrera 7a, No 94-20

Eating Breakfast and working at computer in Medellin Colombia

Telephone: (1) 2571660; 2571680
Fax: (1) 623 9069

Mikva on premises


City of Medellin Colombia

Centro Israelita de Bogota

Traversal 29, No 126-31
Telephone: (1) 625 4377

Fax: (1) 274 9069

Kosher meals available by prior arrangement with Rabbi
Goldschmidt, 218 2500


Comunidad Hebrea Sefaradi
Calle 79, No 9-66

Telephone: (1) 256 2629; 249 0372

Mikva on premises

Jabad House

Slums in Meddellin

Calle 92, no 10, Adt. 405
Rabbi’s Tel: (1) 257-4920


Sociedad Hebrea de Socoros

Avenida 9a #1 0-15, Apartado Aereo 011652
Telephone: (2) 668 8518

Fax: (2) 668 8521

Union Cultural Israel ita
Apartado Aereo 5552
Telephone: (2) 6689830
Fax: (2) 661 6857


Centro Israelita de Beneficiencia

Calle 44a, Avenida. 5a Norte Esquina, Apartado

Medellin Colombia

Aereo 77

Telephone: (2) 664 1379
Fax: (2) 665 5419


Union Israel ita de Beneficencia .

Carrera 43B, No 15-150,.Apartado Aereo 4702

Chabad Lubavitch of Columbia

Casa Lubavitch-Baranquilla

CRA. 57 #79 -44
Barranquilla, Colombia


Local Time: 1:15 PM (GMT -5)
Fax: 57-5-360-2279

Casa Lubavitch-Bogota

Paragliding in Colombia. I took this picture in the air!

Calle 94 #9-52
Bogota, Colombia

Fax: 57-1-635-4065


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