Parshas Vayera: The Journey Continues

Just very briefly, as I am in an internet cafe: Yes, we are on the road again! Akiva had his first road trip, about which I’ll post more another time.

Sometimes we move because we have to, not because we want to.  Travel isn’t always a choice.  Sometimes you get to a place and it isn’t what you expected; it doesn’t have the amenities you need or you can’t access the food and goods you need.  So you have to move on, even if you want to rest, even if your next destination doesn’t sound that great to you.

Thus is is that in this week’s parsha Avraham finds himself happy in the land of Israel, but having to move on. Famine drives him down to Egypt, which I’m sure wouldn’t be his first choice of places to visit.  It’s a hostile place, hardly welcoming of religious Jews.  Yet, he goes because he has to.

This week, let’s all continue our journeys and make the best of them, as Avraham did.  Because just as he went away from his unintended visit laden with gifts, so too will Hashem shower us with gifts if we only travel in his channel and try our best to do his will.

Shabbat shalom!

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