Those who know me well, would know how I often say, “if I were not a rabbi I’d be a helicopter emergency rescue pilot.”

We are very honoured to have someone in our community in Adelaide who does just that. Dr Dan Ellis, works in South Australia in helicopter rescue. He is currently in the Philippines after having been selected amongst four doctors representing South Australia.


Our member Associate Professor Daniel Ellis FACEM, FCEM, FIMC & DipRTM RCSEd, FFICM, FRCS(Eng), MRCP, MRCA, EDIC, DMCC,

Director of MedSTAR Emergency Medical Retrieval Service, Deputy Director of Trauma and Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, Associate Professor at James Cook University, Queensland, is currently spending two weeks serving in the national Australian medical relief team in the Philippines which is treating patients after the typhoon there. Dan is one of only four medical people from SA in the second wave of relief support, which is operating a tent hospital called Camp Kookaburra. You can read about the relief work of the National Trauma and Critical Care Response Centre here:

And here’s a link to a picture of Dan at work in a tent:

And with the 2000th patient treated by the Australian relief effort:

We send only our best! So come back safely.


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  1. Dan has arrived back after serving in the national Australian medical relief team in the Philippines which treated thousands of patients after the typhoon there. The team was personally thanked in the Philippines by Australia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs.

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