This is a video I found on youtube. I was part of this climb in 2005. It was awesome. I’m not featured much in this video clip but my face does show up a few times.

I’ve been thinking of organizing a kosher and Shabat observant climb if I can get enough people who are interested.


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  1. Shira Tanny says:

    Interesting. I wonder if you could include something about what you ate to keep kosher and what you did for shabat. (Or maybe you already have done so and I can’t seem to find it?)

  2. Rabbi Ben says:

    I do have other posts on Kilimanjaro. do a search on the site for Kilimanjaro. However I’ve wrote anything about what I ate.
    I brought with me crackers, energy bars, tuna and stuff like this. Had lots of fruit. and cooked some eggs and rice.

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