Bicycle trip in Australia along the Great Ocean Road in 1999

It’s great to be back in Australia after having been away for three years. Rachel and I are at New Town Synagogue for the next month over the Chagim, where I’m acting as Rabbi/chazzan.

New Town has some very interesting Jewish history. I’m told that at one point there were six kosher butcher shops in New Town. New Town was where many Jews settled on their arrival to Australia in the 1800’s. The New Town Synagogue has that old Synagogue charm to it.

Anyway, being excited to be back in Australia I scanned some old photos from my pre-digital days of traveling around Australia and will be uploading them soon to the Australia country page.

Shana Tova!


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  1. Shalom Rabbi Ben. I’m very glad you’re here at Newtown. Admittedly I am still a ‘newbie’ myself. I enjoy your services and am looking forward to attending them over the next month. Rachel has been so helpful to my daughter and I during the services and I look forward to getting to know you both better :)

    Shana Tova,


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