Hi All,

What do you do when the post office does not have stamps, the bakery does not sell bread, and the laundromat does not do laundry? You get creative; you buy bread at the laundromat, stamps at the bakery, and have wash done at the post office.

In the western world, we pride ourselves on the concept of free trade and free enterprise. But is it really free? With the amount of regulations and taxes imposed, it is nearly impossible to do any business and it is far from free. I like places like Guatemala where the people have the real idea. For example: you can set up rat traps, make rat stew, and sell it at the market. Alternatively, you can burn music CDs and sell them. Or why not open a hotel? All that is really needed is a nice big sign that says HOTEL - toilets, electricity, and beds are optional extras. And stuff like smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and fire doors are only for the paranoid western world.

All jokes aside, Guatemala is really a fantastic country. It is a great place to experience indigenous culture, see beautiful lakes and volcanoes, and to discover various forms of stomach poisoning. The more adventurous can try activities like wilderness horseback riding, wilderness tracking, wilderness survival, and hostage negotiation.




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