Visiting Tikal in Guatemala

Hi All, (This is from two weeks ago)

This morning I sat on top of temple number four watching the sun rise over a massive complex of Mayan ruins. The rainforest canopy below is alive with monkeys going about their business and birds of many colors fill the air with song. A new day has arrived and the first rays of light bounce off the seven temples that seem to reach for the sky. The Mayans are long gone from Tikal, but I can still feel their presence as they greet each other from one temple-top to another.

Serenity is lost with the arrival of an obnoxiously loud Italian couple. For the next hour I curse them under my breath for their lack of consideration as I try to balance my mind, spirit, and body with prayer, meditation, and yoga.

Later that day, my solitude is again interrupted by the same couple. I even ignore them as they approach me in Spanish. Moments later I’m thanking them for returning a small pouch containing my passport. “We have been searching the park for the last hour,¨ said one of them. ¨You left this on the top of the temple and we thought that you may need it.¨




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